Playing Electronic Drums

An electronic drum set is a contemporary electronic musical instrument, mainly designed to replace an acoustic set or any other traditional drums instrument. It is normally a hand-held device that is played by plucking with a special kind of hand instrument like a guitar or a bass. It contains a large collection of sounds and rhythms built in, which provide a rich palette of musical choices. It also contains various effects, usually built into the drum set itself, that may affect the overall tone or pitch of the track. The availability of electronic drumsets has opened up an entirely new genre of musical instruments for contemporary musicians.

Most electronic drums have built-in sound modules, but some come with additional options. There are now v-drums that come equipped with sound modules that include “stomp and slide”, “retro pads” and “wet sounds”. These are triggered by a touch of a button. V-drums that come with additional sound modules operate in a similar way to acoustic drums. Electronic drums can be made in many different sizes, from the smallest, most portable, to the largest of multi-stage instruments.

An electronic drum set usually contains two to three layers of sound modules and additional features, such as chorus, distortion, attack delay, echo, noise addition, and hi-hat effects. There are electronic drums that contain one or more drum heads, usually made of steel or aluminum stacked on top of one another, which generate the drum sound themselves. Additional features may include rubber heads, foot pedals, or noise control.

To determine the best electronic drum set noise, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Acoustic drums are usually equipped with sound modules that affect the overall tone of the track. However, they cannot be moved. Electronic drums eliminate this problem. Also, if you are not comfortable using the pads, you can move your hands and hit the cymbals instead. The advantage of rubber heads is that you can change the density of the pad and its appearance in different playing situations.

It is important to make sure the pad you use for electronic drums suits the sound module. If you feel you cannot control the intensity or pitch of the pad, you may want to consider a different drum kit. Sometimes it is better to have a thicker sound module than a thinner sound module. Also, an expensive electronic kit may have a better sound module than cheaper kits.

If your budget does not allow you to purchase an expensive sound module, an electronic kit that contains rubber noise will suffice. It might take a bit of experimenting, but you will eventually get the right combination of sound and pad. Acoustic drums sound great when played alone; however, a combination of electronic drums and acoustic drums can produce a unique sound that cannot be duplicated on an electronic stage. If you are interested in learning to play electronic drums, you need to familiarize yourself with acoustic drums. You can buy electronic drums online or from music stores, but an acoustic kit will provide you with a wonderful start.